Dairy Breeds

Study the breed names and characteristics on this page. On the next page you will be asked to name the breeds by matching the name to the photo. After testing your knowledge of breed names, you will be asked about the characteristics of the breeds.

When you are ready, click the next page icon at the bottom to test your knowledge of the breeds.

GUERNSEY - this breed was developed on an island in the English Channel to produce high fat milk for making butter, This breed is known for its gentle nature, and yellow-tinted milk. Fawn and white markings characterize this breed.

MILKING SHORTHORN - this breed was developed from an English breed of cattle. Their breed association was formed in 1972. Intermediate in size and milk production, this breed is an efficient converter of feed into meat or milk, and has a high heat tolerance. These animals can be red, white, or roan in color.

HOLSTEIN - this breed originated in the Netherlands. It is the largest breed in size, and the most popular. They are known for producing the highest volume of milk of all the breeds. They are black and white in color, but may be red and white.

JERSEY - they were developed on an island in the English Channel. They are the smallest cows in size, and produce milk that is the highest in fat and protein. A shade of fawn with or without white markings characterizes this breed.

AYRSHIRE - developed in 1750 in the county of Ayr, Scotland, this breed is medium in size with average milk production. They are characterized by strongly-attached, well-shaped udders and are known for their extreme hardiness and good foraging ability. These cows may be red or mahogany and white.


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